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Clear Quartz Crystal Points 9cm - 17cm


the Clearest Of Clear Quartz Points. Perfect for cleansing and purifying your space. Measuring approximately

Point 1) Height 15cm x Width 6cm

Point 2) Height 9cm x Width 6cm

Point 3) Height 11cm x Width 4cm

Point 4) Height 13cm x Width 7cm

Point 5) Height 17cm x Width 6cm

An Empress in herself, this quartz piece will cleanse your space and bring energy to those nearby with her high vibration and royal presence. This master healer will be your personal record keeper with her intricate point full of rainbow beam reflections and multifaceted inclusions. She works equally well displayed amongst your other stones; to cleanse and recharge them; or as a breathtaking centrepiece, one which can be suited and styled to any interior or sacred space.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Clear Quartz is a colourless, prismatic crystal that is found all over the world. Called 'the perfect jewel' by the Japanese, Clear Quartz enhances mental, spiritual, and emotional clarity, encouraging a more enlightened state of being. Its clarity enhancing properties can help clear confusion, strengthen your purpose, aid memory, and increase psychic abilities. 


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