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Clear Quartz Crystal Ball 8cm


Stunning high grade Clear Quartz Crystal Ball with rainbow inclusions. Diameter is approximately 8cm. The qualities of Clear Quartz make it perfect for Crystal Ball Readings. Stand sold separately. 

Crystal Ball Stands available here

Clear Quartz encourages clarity on all levels, amplifies psychic abilities & can be programmed to be specifically for your intentions & use. Helps establish a strong clear connection to higher guidance, acting as an etheric 'radio' to amplify the psychic communications of higher beings. 

Once you have programmed this crystal to your set intention it will continue to broadcast this more strongly out into the world. 

A Note From Elicia - "I chose this crystal ball as it is high grade Clear Quartz, with Rainbow inclusions. There is enough clarity within the piece to fall into the sphere & enough inclusions for candle light to bounce back visuals. Being a clear quartz it is programmable for whomever this piece has chosen as the new owner."

*Perspex stand included 


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