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Charoite Rectangle Ring


A very cool, uniquely patterned ring, with markings like a vibrant coloured wild cat. This rectangular shaped Charoite cabochon is bezel set in a Sterling Silver ring band. Only one available. Size: 9.75/U

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Charoite Healing Properties

Charoite helps you find and walk the path of your soul's true purpose. It helps to remove patterns of self-sabotage, and resistance to stepping up into service and empowerment of the self. If you are looking to find the magic in life again, Charoite can increase messages, signs, and synchronicities on your path so that you feel connected to the divine while walking on Earth. If you are a healer, Charoite aids in preventing the merging of your own energy with that of others, grounding your energy, and helping  you feel less energetically drained after healing work.


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