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Blue Topaz Square Pendant


Square shaped, step cut Blue Topaz gemstone, claw set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chains sold separately.

A brilliant lagoon blue, this crystal aspires for you to reach your full potential; especially in writing or public speaking, as it encourages a channel of clear communication and expression. It will help you find your voice by moving blocked energy from your throat chakra, giving you confidence in knowing that you are articulating from a place of truth and purpose.

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Blue Topaz Healing Qualities

Topaz has been highly prized for millennia, being a favourite of Royalty in Ancient Egypt Rome, France, Spain, and England. 

Blue Topaz helps the mind, and increases the ability to learn and take in complex knowledge. It promotes clear communication, mental perception and meditative states. Calming and soothing both the mind and emotions, Blue Topaz helps you learn from experience and communicate your truth. 


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