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Blue Calcite Massage Wands 12 cm


Blue Calcite Massage Wands. Measuring approximately: Length 12 cm x Base Width 1.8 cm.

Self soothe the weeks stresses away, with these polished crystal massage wands. Wands are most effective when working with the energetic and etheric levels of the body. Using them can be a lovely way to wind down and as the first step in your self care ritual or evening routine.

Begin by focusing the stones vibration directly onto areas that hold transferred emotional energy and frequent muscular tension: such as your hands, feet and around your temples.

Blue Calcite Healing Properties

Blue Calcite aids in the development of your intuitive and psychic senses. It is an excellent stone for radical responsibility and accountability, helping you see how your words and deeds have affected your self and those around you. It is a gentle stone that shifts your awareness into a more positive perspective, increasing the power of affirmations and prayers.


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