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All the Shadows Fall Away


'All the Shadows Fall Away'

Original Artwork by Elicia Ward

“All the Shadows fall away when we surrender. This is also where the fruitless chatter ceases to be of any importance, there is a pause; there is room. Importance turns all the “known” on its head, for the only thing that is really known is felt in the heart”

The Moth represents the ability to find light in the darkness. 

The girl you see in the picture is my inner child. She shows up in many of my drawings and visions. She is the one that feels everything and expresses everything. She wears hiking boots and a high collar jacket that converts into a hood to protect her from any storm. The Umbrella she holds can be used to shield or as something to help guide her. This girl has been in my visions for many years now it’s only in the last decade I have really understood her significance. The further on my journey I travel, the more I see how beautiful, curious and courageous she really is.