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A Piece Of Happiness

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“A Piece Of Happiness”

Original Artwork By Elicia Ward

“I have the POWER to make my own HAPPINESS by making positive choices & allowing others to solve their own problems, moods, & dramas. I FREE myself & my time, to live my BEST life & be my BEST self.”

“He’s breaking me”

There once was a jar on her shelf. Anytime, or whenever there was a storm or when someone needed it she would go to the shelf & take a piece
of happiness. It seemed to never run out and decades had past. But one day, she went to the jar but there was no happiness to be found. She realised she had both given it away, & used it herself to get by in
troubling times. She looked to the sky early one morning & prayed that this day it would be refilled. She repeated each morning but still the
jar remained empty. She began to get used to feeling low, so much so that the jar began to fill with darkness & storms. She knew she had to make a change, so she grabbed the jar and smashed it. All hope of it being refilled was lost in her sadness. Whilst picking up the pieces she repeated: “I have the power to make my own happiness & I am making
positive choices to do so, allowing all those around me to solve their own problems, moods and dramas because I choose to be free”. It wasn’t going to be easy & she would have to learn boundaries & project them as written law. And of course she would take him with her because her ‘self-made’ fire inside was strong enough to lift even the heaviest of things. That’s why he loved her & she knew he always would & one day he will smash his jar too.

By Elicia Ward

Acrylic on Canvas

H 51cm x W 40cm