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Peanut Obsidian Elongated Teardrop Pendant


Stunning patterns and colours in this elongated teardrop shaped Peanut Obsidian cabochon, bezel set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chain sold separately. 

Chains available here

Peanut Obsidian Healing Properties

An exceedingly rare stone which comes in a unique and magical display of patterns and colours, Peanut Obsidian is a variety of Perlite, with the red hues scattered throughout; Feldspar, that have been stained over time by a coating of Hematite. Peanut Obsidian is an amazing stone to both help you ground and connect with Mother Earth, whilst also activating one's higher consciousness and creative thinking. Use this stone when you wish to connect to your lower three chakras and to help you remain focused and grounded whilst meditating.


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