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Black Obsidian Crystal Ball 4cm


Black Obsidian Crystal Balls. Approximately 4 cm in diameter. Weight 146 grams.

I may be dark and slick but I will be your firm companion whenever times get tough and you need a little extra support. Find solace in my smooth inky surface and strength in my sturdy demeanour. I'm the best friend you never knew you needed. I'm perfect either styled alone, or in a cluster amongst your favourite trinkets. 

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Black Obsidian helps you to have insight into where in your life you are fostering negativity. It helps you release these unhelpful patterns from your mind and aura, while increasing the strength of your own energy field. For this reason it is especially helpful for those who are empathically, mentally, emotionally and psychically sensitive. Black Obsidian is a perfect companion for Shadow Work and understanding the aspects of ourselves that we try to hide and struggle to accept.


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