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Calcite is a crystal that comes in many colours and varieties around the world.

Orange Calcite carries a solar energy. It encourages you in new endeavours and helps you break out of old patterns. Excellent for shyness or indecision. Brings a ray of sunlight into the dark corners of energy fields. On a physical level, it boosts immunity, circulation, and immune function. 

Green Calcite shows you how to accept yourself fully and wholly embrace your so-called 'imperfections'. It assists in dissolving old rigid beliefs, emotions, and thought patterns. Green calcite restores balance to the mind and emotions, and opens the heart to healing and is especially helpful in difficult times of transition.

Blue Calcite aids in the development of your intuitive and psychic senses. It is an excellent stone for radical responsibility and accountability, helping you see how your words and deeds have affected your self and those around you. It is a gentle stone that shifts your awareness into a more positive perspective, increasing the power of affirmations and prayers. 

Clear Calcite helps you release ego attachments so you can clearly see your life in the context of divine will. It helps transform confused and negative mental patterns so that you can think clearly about yourself and your life.

Honey calcite moves inspiration from the mental realm into action on the physical plane. If you are starting new studies in any area, Honey Calcite can help the process of receiving and integrating new knowledge and wisdom. It helps you take direction and reduce procrastination.

Mangano Calcite supports the heart and emotions, helping you release trapped and repressed emotions that need to clear in order for healing to occur. It has a gentle loving energy so is an excellent stone for children, or those wanting to get in touch with and heal the inner child.