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Crystals for Protection

So often I hear people asking for stones of protection. I am a strong believer that we need no protection. What we is need awareness, to resonate a higher frequency, and to embrace discernment. 


Crystals help align us to this higher frequency. By carrying them with us we can feel supported in our intention. Some crystals lift our frequency by empowering us and helping us align to new ways of thinking.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Protection

Black Tourmaline is the most common crystal claimed to be used for protection. Black Tourmaline, by way of its metaphysical healing properties, actually supports us by grounding higher frequencies. Therefore, the common understanding that we as humans are weak and in need of protection, isn't accurate. It's merely about aligning ourselves to be resonating in a higher realm so the lower frequencies miss us altogether. We can only align with what are in resonance with. This is the law of manifestation. If we are afraid, we resonate lower, which means we will align to more low, or what we call negative, experiences. 


Own your path


Meet your moments with the true strength and power of your wisdom. No one comes to the earth plane with a free ticket that pulls you ahead of the line, avoiding all wreckages, accidents or trauma. Though we may wish for such an easy life, the people I have met who do not carry any battle scars also carry the weight of regret, a fear of living, and a deep sadness for not living their life to the fullest.

To me, discernment is an emotional intelligence missing among many of us who continue to repeat the same patterns, reliving and reopening the same wounds over and over. These are all deeply painful experiences. 

If you want protection, wake up.

Be accountable for the role you play in what you meet. Discernment is your only protection. Discernment allows you to make the choice to hold a higher frequency and therefore avoid the misfortunes of a lower frequency life. 

Make better choices each time you are faced with a decision. When you look back over a decade you will see the value in using your courage to pave a better quality road for yourself. And know that in each moment it may feel lonely, because generally we are breaking ourselves away from our habitual patterns, taught or untaught. We carry a hidden and repressed truth that we need to look at clearly: we prefer the comfortable cycle of repeating the same wounds of betrayal, or broken trust, or allowing ourselves to stay silent simply because we know that old path...

Take time to become acquainted with the truth of who you are, where you want to direct your life, and pause before you blindly respond. You may just be whipping your life around in the groove of your old outdated ways. 

Instead, use discernment not only towards others but also within. Clearly define what part of yourself you are listening to, and from here make the choice to protect your light all by yourself. This is the path of empowerment, no healer can offer you more than this. You are the maker of your world.

Meet your life with passionate curiosity, and definite courage, guided by the wisest person you know... You.


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