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Moldavite Dangers

Wonderfully rare Moldavite formed when a Meteorite crashed in the Czech Republic 14.8 Million years ago. Renowned for being a life-changing stone of rapid spiritual evolution, activation, and transformation, there has also lately been a lot of fear around it due to a misunderstanding of its purpose. We have been working with and selling Moldavite for 7 years and have many personal and customer experiences with it to draw upon when we talk about Moldavite. 


It is important to understand the power of suggestion when it comes to Moldavite. Videos on social media that spread fear about Moldavite just create a self-fulfilling prophecy. As Jason likes to put it when he's talking about Moldavite in store: "if you fill a bottle of vodka with water and go to a party offering everyone Vodka and Orange juice, some of those people are going to feel drunk!" Implanting the idea that Moldavite is super intense is enough to make some people experience it that way. 



Moldavite can absolutely bring big changes to your life. However, it only removes the things in your life that are stopping you from reaching your highest potential. So while it might be a little struggle as we adjust to the changes, if we keep working with it and keep the higher perspective that we know we are being pulled into our purpose and who we are really meant to be ,things start getting more magical and positive in the long run. 


We have lots of customers who work with Moldavite and their experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Many people have also had quite a gentle time with Moldavite too so there's no guarantee that things will be hard either. All Moldavite does is help you find the truth. If you want to spend your whole life lying to yourself it's probably going to rattle your cage a bit. But if the truth is what you seek, Moldavite brings you into the truth of who you are and were always meant to be before life came along and changed you. 


One of our staff members has been wearing Moldavite for 6 months and the main thing she's noticed is that any intention she sets is manifesting very quickly. She recently made a vision board about her house and property and all her dreams for it. She has made lots of vision boards in her life but this one has all the things happening so quickly and strangely. For example, she wanted to clear some trees around the house to make room for a new solar panel system. They were quoted a huge amount for the job so thought they would have to wait a long time to get it done. A massive storm recently hit her area and knocked all those exact trees down! It also damaged a lot of things on the property that she had put on the vision board to be replaced. These replacements will now be covered by insurance and be replaced much quicker than if she had saved up like she had planned. So yes, the storm was scary for an evening and there was undoubtedly some damage but it paved the way for her to receive all these things she wanted with much less effort and time than she had ever thought possible!


Fear prevents people from working with Moldavite which is such a shame as it gives you the opportunity to meet yourself so you can release what is no longer needed and focus on your best self and living your best life. That's kind of how Moldavite works. There's a lot of fear out there around Moldavite and it just hasn't been our experience or our customer’s experiences. We see it as a chance to level up your life and that's what it delivers over and over again.



You can also combine wearing Moldavite with other crystals to work through anything that may come up during the transformation process.

Herkimer Diamond is one of the best crystals to combine with Moldavite as it helps you attain the higher states and less attachment in the face of changes.

Citrine will enhance your joy, good fortune, and manifestation.

Aquamarine calms and softens the effects of Moldavite.

Rhodochrosite will help you transcend any deep wounds and trauma that may be making the process more difficult.

Black Obsidian is super grounding and like an energetic cloak while also helping you face your shadow so you don't hold onto the old parts of your life that aren't in your highest interest.





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