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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tarot Or Psychic Reading

How to get the most out of your tarot reading

Tarot card readings and psychic sessions by genuine practitioners have the potential offer life-changing insights and guidance in many areas of life. Yet it is also an unregulated service and some people unfortunately end up getting taken advantage of by individuals with lower integrity. To ensure that you get the most out of your experience with a tarot reader or psychic, it's crucial to establish healthy boundaries and approach the reading with a balanced mindset.

The Empress & Wolf team have had many years of experience both giving and receiving readings and have put together some essential tips to help you navigate your tarot card or psychic reading effectively.

1. Start with an Open, Yet General Inquiry

When you begin your reading, it's important not to provide too much specific information to the psychic. During the first 15 minutes, refrain from divulging personal details or specific questions. Instead, you can frame your inquiries in a broader context, such as, "I would like to know about my work or love life" without going into too much detail. This allows the psychic to tap into their intuitive abilities without being influenced by your input.

2. Avoid Feeding Information

To get an authentic reading, avoid the temptation to confirm or deny the psychic's statements with long explanations. Instead, use a simple "yes" or "no", or phrases like "I confirm that," "I disagree," or "That doesn't resonate with me." This prevents you from inadvertently providing the psychic with information they can use to shape their responses. Keeping your responses neutral helps maintain the integrity of the reading.

3. Be Open, but Discerning

Maintain an open mind during your reading, but exercise discernment as well. While it's important to be receptive to the psychic's insights, it's equally important not to blindly accept everything they say. Trust your intuition and evaluate the information provided in relation to your own experiences and feelings.

4. Ask for Clarification

Rather than offering additional information to the psychic, ask for clarification when something isn't clear. For example, if the psychic mentions a specific event or person, inquire about details that can help you understand the message better. This way, you avoid unintentionally revealing too much while still gaining a deeper understanding of the reading.

5. Bring Written Questions

To ensure that you get answers to your most pressing questions, bring a list of written queries to your reading. This prevents you from forgetting important topics you wanted to explore during the session, and being led astray and distracted by the reader. It also helps you stay focused on your intentions, making the reading more purposeful.

6. Requesting a Refund

While many psychic readers are genuine and dedicated to their craft, there may be instances where you feel dissatisfied with your reading. To handle such situations, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the psychic's refund policy before the session. If you genuinely believe that the reader did not provide the service promised or that the reading was misleading or unhelpful, follow the guidelines outlined in their refund policy for a fair resolution.

Getting the most out of a tarot card or psychic reading involves setting healthy boundaries and approaching the experience with an open yet discerning mindset. By following these tips, you can ensure that your reading is genuine and insightful, helping you discern between an authentic psychic and a potential charlatan. Remember that the power of interpretation ultimately lies with you, and a reading should empower and guide you on your life journey.

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