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How To Find Your Ultimate Crystal Ring Size

How to measure ring size

You do not have to go into a jewellery store to measure your ring size as there are many resources available online. In fact, you can even do it from the comfort of your own home. 

Quick Tips!   

Ring size chart

Here are some things you need to consider when measuring your ring size:

  • Making multiple attempts at measuring your ring size will help you get the most accurate results. 
  • If the knuckle is bigger than the base of the finger, measure both places and pick a size in between the two. 
  • You should measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm. This is because finger size changes depending on the time of day and the weather. It can be smaller the colder you are and more swollen if you're overheated.
  • Fingers on your dominant hand are usually larger.
  • The correct ring size will feel tight enough to stay on your finger and still comfortable to wear, but loose enough to slide over your knuckles.

Method 1: String    

String or floss can be used to measure ring size

  1. Use a piece of floss or string and wrap it around the base of your finger. String and floss can stretch, so don't pull them too much. Otherwise, your results may inaccurate and rings you purchase in the future may be too big.
  2. Grab a pen or marker and clearly tag where the floss or string first overlaps 
  3. Lay out the piece of string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and make sure to identify the length in millimeters.
  4. Use the ring size chart above to compare your results to the provided ring sizes. If you are stuck between two sizes, it is recommended you choose the larger ring size.

Method 2: Ring-measurement tool   

Ring sizer tool to measure your ring size

For the most accurate measurement, you can choose to purchase your own ring-measurement tool. There are a variety of affordable options on the internet that you can order from your own home. You’re most likely going to forget your ring size after a while, and getting a piece of string and measuring tape every time you want to measure your ring size can be time-consuming and tedious. By using this method, you can find your ring size faster and more effectively. Also, your family or loved ones can use this too. 

Method 3: Printable Ring Sizer and Guide 

How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home | The Knot - YouTube

If you already have a few crystal rings that fit you perfectly, this is the perfect method to find your ring size.

  1. Print out a ring sizer
  2. Place one of your rings over the circles
  3. Line up the inside edges of your ring to the circle that best matches on the chart
  4. If you are stuck between two sizes, it is recommended that you choose the larger ring size


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