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Nobody wants to have money just to have money, it’s just a bit of coloured plastic. What we want is what money can buy, what it means to us and how it feels to have it and get it that counts. So before we can create more abundance in our lives we need to look at our relationship to money.

Being clear about your feelings with money will define how you need to nurture your relationship with money. 

Money changes people. It brings out the best and worst in people. This is why money is beautiful to me. It cuts through all the facades of what people want to be seen as and really shows their true fears and true nature. Money is kind of like an X-ray mirror, reflecting outward someone's true relationship to life. 

Some people have a deep set program about working hard before it's possible to get money. I am not going to suggest attempts to change that in the early stage of your abundance journey because I believe working hard is harder to let go of compared to some other abundance blockages. We can also put the hardworking self to good use to create a faster progress. 


I wanted to make a difference in the world and being a hippie sitting in the dirt denying the truth of how money actually can change the world was counterproductive. So many so-called spiritual people claim that they want to be off the grid and not be a part of the system we live in. I feel they have copped out and ghosted themselves from society just to serve themselves. What I wanted to do is make a huge impact, and so I had to be in the game to do that.

Money IS a game to me. Like the waves of the ocean it comes and goes, it’s a beautiful dance. Having an empty bank account and bills paid is my favourite, cause I know that it will change. When it’s full I know it will soon be empty when it’s empty it will soon be full. When you accept the nature of money you can let go a little better. The more you hold onto money the more it will disappear or become stagnant and be unhelpful in enriching life. Like you can’t catch some of the ocean in your hands and take it home. If you scoop up some of the ocean, with an open hand you can actually do something with it. If you grasp too tight it will fall straight out. But an open hand, knowing you will lose some on the way you will get back to the car with a little. The other way is just leave the ocean where it is. Know that it’s all yours to use if you wish, but it comes and goes as it sees fit. You don’t own money. It can own you if you’re not careful. But you can use it whenever you like and there is tonnes of it around, it’s everywhere, you just gotta put your hand up and say, ‘yup ok I would like to align to $40,000 in my bank account now please’ then let go knowing it’s on its way. 


The past has no bearing on where you want to be. You have the power to choose why you make money and what you do with it. It can’t make you a ‘bad’ person, only you can do that. Money is neutral. 

On your money relationship journey you need to uncover what makes you want to make money. At a soul level, nobody actually needs money except our current form of society and how we live today, because we exchange money for things to be able to live. You have to be really honest with yourself about what it is that motivates you and how you feel will tell you important truths in regard to this. 



I have put together some questions for you to answer that will deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship to abundance. With this self-enquiry activity you can better direct your energies. I recommend going over the questions every few months or so to see how your beliefs are shifting. You can do this more frequently, but for a genuine appraisal of progress there should be a minimum of 21 days.

    1. Define abundance? 
    2. Abundance in money? Time? Joy? Happiness?
    3. Monetary - how much is abundance? Without a clear definition there is no way you can know how to get there or even if you have achieved it. If you cannot imagine it with specifics and details you will never get it. You won’t even notice opportunities to receive it. So this is most important.
    4. How do you actually feel about money?
    5. Do you feel guilty when you have it?
    6. Are you jealous when others have it?
    7. Is it dirty, yucky, unkind, awkward?
    8. Do you know any nice people with lots of money?
    9. Do you consider them greedy or a mean person because they have it?
    10. What kind of person has lots of money?
    11. Are you afraid to be this type of person?
    12. If so, why? What emotions come up?
    13. Do you have to work hard to get money?
    14. Do you like money?
    15. Do you like holding it?
    16. Do you like to have $1000 cash in your wallet or does it scare you?
    17. Does it make you feel happy having money?
    18. Or is it what money can buy that makes you happy?
    19. What would I see if I looked at you with money? Who would you be? How would you change? Do you feel good about the change? Does it scare you? 
    20. What are your excuses for not having money? 



Keep a journal of your time for a week, just 2-hour blocks is fine but the more details the better. 

Answer the following within each 2-hour time slot:

What did I physically do? 

What did I mentally and emotionally do?  (Eg. How did I feel while doing it?) 

What did I get out of it? Emotionally or physically

How did it help me towards my goal? 

Eg: I cleaned the kids room, it took 30min and I felt pleased after when it was tidy but annoyed while I did it. I got satisfaction out of it because it was clean and in order. It did not help me towards my goals for my soul purpose or abundance, and I didn’t elevate myself or others. I also felt no joy whilst doing it or after. 


Gratitude journals are great, it generally helps with guilt about what we have and creates a nice space of calm in the heart to sit and be at peace. 

But if you want to make changes, gratitude doesn’t really help with that a great deal. So I think reciting affirmations is vital and better use of time to reprogram the conscious and subconscious mind. Repeat them like a mantra. 

You must now write an affirmation based on the knowledge gained from the above exercises. Every word must be thought out, and very clear this is what you want. 

Here are some powerful abundance affirmations that I recommend:

‘Money comes to me easily’

‘I love money and money loves me’

‘when I have money I am a good person’

‘I deserve to be happy with loads of money’ ‘

I love having money spare’

‘I get paid well to do what I love’

‘money helps solve my problems’

‘when I place my energy consciously I receive abundance in return’

‘I am secure in myself with and without money’

‘I choose to be free and flexible in my life’

‘I invest my time & money wisely’

‘I am confident in manifesting abundance’ 





Abundance is yours any time you like. Some people have to like what they do in order to get it. Some people have to feel they deserve it. Some people feel they are entitled to it. Some people want it for status or link their ego directly to it. I really have no judgement for anyone’s style, there’s no point having opinions on what is best. You are not a better person because you have money but you can make a better life with the knowledge gained in understanding your relationship with it. It’s such a wonderful spiritual teacher, I feel so blessed to have had none, and heaps and none again. I also feel super happy that I don’t have a huge attachment in needing it to feel important. I love spending it to make the world look prettier, I love sharing it and being generous (sometimes too generous) but I love it all, and it’s fun and exciting to see how much we can make, see how much I can learn about myself and the possibilities it creates for me, my family and every customer in store. 

If you'd like more guidance in creating abundance, we have a range of crystals, jewellery, affirmation cards, and books that can help you on your journey



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