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Crystal Ball Reading With Elicia

It was a cold, rainy and less than appealing Tuesday morning when I made my way to The Empress and Wolf. I had a 10am reading booked in with Elicia and as I climbed up the stairs towards the reading room, my mind was distracted with thoughts of the working day ahead. I let out a slight startled cry as I reached the top of the stairs and saw Elicia ahead of me cloaked in darkness and the flicker of candlelight; she was ready. 

The room was warm and inviting but sprinkled with a tinge of mystery. Two chairs opposite each other and a wooden table between, on top of which was a beautiful Smokey Quartz crystal ball, two tarot decks, a large piece of Clear Quartz and the few tealight candles trying their hardest to throw some light throughout the room. There was also a heavy quietness to the room, something I found surprising and unusual due to our location above the Main Street of Daylesford. 

I sat down and faced Elicia, unsure of what was about to unfold. I felt calm and safe but not certain about how my reading would resonate personally, if at all. I’m not a non-believer, on the contrary I firmly believe what is commonly called intuition or instinct is actually the innate gifts and abilities we all carry to tune into something higher than ourselves. Magic is all around us, and there is so much we as humanity are yet to fully comprehend. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have reservations, there’s a lot of manipulative, opportunistic grifters in this world. Elicia however is certainly not one of those. When I sat down, I could immediately see she was already tuned in to somewhere and something else. It must’ve taken every ounce of her strength to get through the polite niceties and not dive straight into the reading. 

She started with the Crystal Ball reading, it sat in the middle of the table between us and as she stared into it, I felt the room shift. The messages that came through were profound and important. But they were also messages about things that deep down inside, I already knew to be true. This I say not to diminish the gifts Elicia has, but to show her ability to cut through all the bs and find the core of what is really holding us back or hurting us. She relayed these messages with equal parts seriousness and light-heartedness, giving a balance that felt incredibly authentic. As the reading progressed and I found myself resonating and opening up, Elicia asked me if I had any specific questions or wants. This is when things got even more interesting. 

My life hasn’t been spectacularly outrageous, like anyone I’ve had experiences that have shaped me and left an impact. But for the most part I’ve cruised through life fairly smoothly. When I was about 6 years old my older brother died. It was a violent loss that changed the trajectory of many lives and left a hole in my family that has never healed. After my brother died, I would write to him in little notebooks, like a diary that was just for the two of us. It was probably one of the things that first sparked my love of writing, this ability to maintain a connection with him was incredibly important to younger me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve continued to talk to him although less in writing and more in my head. But I’ve always felt his presence with me, like a guardian angel gently pushing me back on track whenever needed. 

So, when Elicia asked me if there was anything I wanted to know or ask, I sheepishly asked her if she could connect with people that had passed on. I’m not sure I caught her off guard being the psychic she is, but I felt some guilt asking for something so deep and important. But she took it in her stride, gently letting me know that there was no guarantee she’d be able to get in touch with my brother, but she would try her best. She sat back and quietly tapped into her mediumship skills, I sat frozen in my chair, unsure if I’d just made a mistake and bitten off more than I could chew. Then she started crying. She explained she was feeling this incredible sadness and grief, then messages started coming through. A chain, a key, and a cheeky joyful energy. Elicia laughed, she described some kind of game, a PlayStation maybe? I knew immediately my brother was there, that cheeky, joyful energy was him. And that game Elicia was picking up on was his SEGA, something we kept for years after he passed. At this point I began crying to, all I had wanted to know was if he really was there with me throughout all those years. Elicia validated that for me, she described a bond that was so special, so matter of fact there could be no doubt that he was and always would be by my side. Then my brother gave her a message that was so simply and cheekily him it had both Elicia and I simultaneously laughing and crying. 

The reading wrapped up with a tarot card spread and some interesting insights into my future and the directions and choices I have ahead of me. I spent the rest of my day feeling like I was floating. It was a peaceful feeling; I was present at my workplace and connecting with people, but I was also more in my body and less in my own head than I have been in a long time. That might sound conflicting, but somehow contentment and lightness just surrounded me for the rest of the day. My reading with Elicia had given me insights, direction and things to ponder like all readings should. But it also tapped into something else entirely, something deeper and more profound than I can even begin to describe. It validated and empowered so much I already carry within me, and that gift is and will continue to be immeasurable. 


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