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Citrine Meaning

Citrine is the crystal that will most help your ability to manifest what you want in life. But manifestation is a word that is thrown around so much without a lot of deeper exploration! We are told that a few affirmations and a positive mindshift can make our thoughts create our physical reality. And while things things undoubtedly can help, many people still find themselves struggling to manifest what they want in their lives. A deeper look at the healing properties of Citrine can help us understand why our thoughts might not always create our reality in a tangible, measurable way, and can also help us move closer to better aligning our inner and outer world.

Citrine Healing Properties

Traditionally, Citrine has been associated with the radiant power of the Sun. In Astrology the Sun is a planetary body that gives the blessings of confidence, joy, pride, initiative, willpower, purpose, fame, fortune, vitality, and creativity. Because Citrine is a crystal that is most in harmony with the Sun, it has long been thought to enhance these areas of our lives. In our own experience, and many of our crystal shop's customers, Citrine does increase these qualities. 

So many blocks on the road to effective manifestation can be explained by a lack in some of these qualities. It's one thing to repeat affirmations in your head that you are deserving or worthy, but if you don't really feel it deep down, they are just empty words that don't have much power to make deep change. For some people, saying the words can change their feelings rapidly and in those cases, affirmations can work wonders quickly. But if you had early experiences that created a foundation of very low self worth, it might be harder to change because these deep feelings are harder to reach with the logic of thoughts and words alone because they aren't based on logic. They are based on feelings stemming from experiences that we are often too young to understand fully. This lack of self worth can also lead to indecision as you may not trust yourself enough to make a choice and take the necessary steps for the change you want to see in your life. 

How can wearing Citrine help you

Working with Citrine by wearing it and having it in your home can help you by working on a more sympathetic, energetic and feeling level. When the sun comes out after winter we can't help but feel a change in ourselves and others. We generally smile more, are more active and motivated, dress differently, and want to make the most of the time we have in it. When we think of Citrine as little pockets of this radiant solar energy, an energy that gives us life and shines on us all equally and without conditions of 'deservingness' we can connect to this feeling to help us receive what life has to offer and step out to meet the world halfway. When we believe our efforts have an effect we are more likely to invest in creating what we want

By enhancing your feelings of confidence, will, and initiative, and energising your drive and creativity, Citrine helps you understand that you are truly deserving of what you want, and that your manifestation wishes are supported by the universe. Citrine empowers your will and inspires your creativity, allowing you to find new solutions to problems and make tough choices with confidence

Manifestation is so much more than thoughts, we do have to actually take some action, no matter how small, to make things happen. Because it works on feelings of self worth and your ability to take action, Citrine is one of the best crystals for boosting your manifestation abilities. 




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