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Christmas Gifts For Spiritual People

Christmas Gifts For Spiritual People

Spiritual Christmas Gift Guide

Does anyone else feel like Christmas has snuck up really fast this year? Just over a week to go and I’ve got a feeling I’m not the only one still looking for a few last-minute gifts! Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered here at the Empress & Wolf with a huge range of options to put a smile on everyone’s face this silly season. 



Crystal Jewellery Australia

It might seem like an obvious choice to start off with, but jewellery can be a thoughtful, special gift for those we love. We have a huge range of options from earrings to pendants and rings. And all our jewellery is unique and chosen with love and an eye for quality detail. To personalise the gift more, you can choose a piece based on the recipient’s birthstone, star sign, or their favourite colour. Or you could look for the stone with specific properties that you think that person might need in their life. You could even find a piece that you could get engraved with a special symbol or message for a loved one. The options truly are endless, and like always, it's more about your intention behind the gift, then the piece itself. Pro tip: when choosing a ring for someone else, make sure you know their ring size! 


Tarot or Oracle Cards 

Tarot cards australia

Tarot and Oracle Cards are always a winner in my book. If you’re not too sure of the difference between them check out Echo’s earlier blog post for an informative rundown. Both Tarot and Oracle decks have various options available, with incredible designs so finding the perfect deck is only a matter of choosing the one you love the most.   



Daylesford Artist

If you’re looking for something incredibly unique, special and even one of a kind, a piece of art is a sure way to tick all those boxes. And it also carries through to the artist, supporting and encouraging them to continue creating. It’s the type of gift that creates conversation, inspires and keeps on giving. 




Spiritual Books Melbourne

I’m a proud book nerd, so whenever I’m not quite certain of the right gift for someone my default is a book. The options are endless, and we have such a beautifully curated range of books instore and online now. There truly is something for everyone, whether it’s a specific genre or title, or just an aesthetically pleasing coffee table book. Honestly you cannot go wrong with a book as a gift. 



Astrological planners southern hemisphere

A new year is just around the corner and that means the super organised amongst us will need new diaries. It’s a practical gift but the planners and diaries we have in stock at the moment are truly special. They cover everything from planetary placements and moon movements to the best times to focus our intentions. And they are beautifully illustrated with plenty of space for all the daily life stuff we need to jot down. There’s also a great selection of lined and blank journals available online and instore for those who like to write or draw. 



We have a huge range of Crystals available at the Empress & Wolf, and they make perfect gifts. Whether it’s a bigger piece like a point, ball or cluster, which make stunning décor pieces for the home. Or a collection of lovingly chosen tumble stones (just pop them in a cotton pouch no wrapping necessary), which make an excellent Secret Santa or budget friendly gift. All the crystals have specific properties which often make receiving them as a gift even more special and personalised. 





Tarot Readings Daylesford

If you’re racking your brain trying to think of a gift that is both special and unique for someone important in your life, why not book them a reading. It’s a gift that is not only out of the ordinary, but it’s thoughtful, encourages the recipient to focus on themselves and will be a memorable experience for them. 

Remember it’s just one part of the year, don’t get overwhelmed trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone. The most important thing about this time of year is slowing down, taking stock of the year that’s been and spending time around those you love, who bring you joy and make you feel safe and accepted. 



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