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3 Things To Consider Before Buying Moldavite Jewellery

3 Things To Consider Before Buying Moldavite Jewellery


If you’re on the internet, you have probably come across content related to moldavite in some way, shape, or form. Its popularity has surged through the web - making it one of the most highly sought after tektites today. This article is the perfect guide to helping you consider whether moldavite will be the best fit for you. 

If you’re thinking about owning moldavite jewellery, the team of experts at Empress & Wolf are well-versed in all things related to moldavite jewellery. Trust us to help you find the best moldavite on the market - get in touch with us today for any assistance. 

What is Moldavite?

moldavite jewellery at empress & wolf

Moldavite is a rare type of authentic tektite which was formed as a result of a meteorite crash in central Europe around 15 million years ago. Different to crystals, tektites are created from the melting and rapid cooling of terrestrial rocks that have been impacted by large meteorites, comets, or asteroids upon the Earth’s surface. 

Moldavite is most commonly seen in drop-like, disc-shaped, spheroid, or elliptical presentations. Its green, glassy-like appearance is highly unique and beautiful, making moldavite jewellery more popular than ever. 

1. Healing Properties of Moldavite 

moldavite jewellery healing properties

Commonly known as the Stone of Transformation, moldavite is renowned for its life-changing and intense properties. Effective in rapid spiritual evolution, activation, cleansing, and protection - moldavite is not for the faint hearted. 

Carrying moldavite or wearing moldavite jewellery keeps vibrations in one area, strengthening its energy throughout the day. Due to its intenseness, it is recommended to gradually wear moldavite jewellery over a sustained period of time. Those prone to headaches or light-headedness may feel its vibrations too harshly, otherwise. 

Additionally, moldavite works extremely well in combination with other stones, in particular Quartz varieties. Consider carrying or wearing these combinations together to intensify their effects.

At Empress & Wolf, we understand the importance of healing - that’s why, it is our priority to make moldavite jewellery accessible for our trusted customers. If you’re looking to buy moldavite jewellery, or aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us today. 

2. Why Is Moldavite So Expensive?

moldavite jewellery is expensive

There are a number of reasons as to why moldavite jewellery is so expensive compared to other crystals and tektites. Firstly, moldavite is extremely difficult to access - the majority of moldavite is buried deep into the Earth and can only be excavated along high-impact craters. This process is dangerous, time-consuming, and costly. 


In addition to this, authentic moldavite is typically found in the form of small, droplet-shaped particles. Given their naturally small size - the process of cutting and reshaping moldavite is difficult to refine. That goes to say, large moldavite stones are very rare and difficult to come by - and that is reflected in the price of moldavite jewellery. 

At Empress & Wolf, we stock high-quality, ethically sourced, and authentic moldavite jewellery at reasonable prices. Visit our site to browse our moldavite jewellery collection


3. Authenticity of Moldavite 

the authenticity of moldavite jewellery

Unfortunately, counterfeit moldavite is on the rise in the crystal / stone market. Moldavite is translucent and mossy in appearance - by looking through the real stone, small bubbles or internal swirls should be accentuated. In contrast, fake moldavite is commonly made of green glass imitation - which are not well-crafted. 

It is important to purchase moldavite jewellery from trusted, authentic, and ethically sourced sellers for this reason. 

Empress & Wolf is the leading moldavite jewellery seller in Australia. Stocking only pure and authentic moldavite, our trusted customers can guarantee that what they’re buying is ethically sourced and real. If you’re looking for high-quality, real moldavite - check out our selection of fine moldavite jewellery today! 

All in all, moldavite jewellery is beautiful, powerful, and incredibly life-changing. If you are thinking about purchasing moldavite for yourself or for your loved ones, please consider these points before making the move. If you need any assistance choosing moldavite jewellery - the expert team at Empress & Wolf are here to help. Contact us for more information, or visit our site


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