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Yowah Opal Set in Textured & Blackened Sterling Silver by Lauren Harris


‘The 33 Million Year Old Tree’ Queensland Yowah Opal set in textured and blackened sterling silver. Australian Yowah opal is said to be formed around the end of the Eocene to early Oligocene period so I picked 33 Million years from that time frame as a name for my opal. I can see a very old gnarled tree in this opal. Hence the name.
You can see areas of the opals host rock Iron Stone. Full Hallmarks on the bail. This pendant will come with an Empress & Wolf gift box. Chain sold separately.

Chains available here

Opal Healing Properties

Precious Opal brings light into darkness and so is incredibly helpful for shadow work, and facing your darkest fears in order to live an integrated life filled with light and truth. It is the stone of the spiritual warrior. 


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