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By Reverence mixed media on canvas. 900mm x 900mm


It’s a simple one-word question asked often at the precise moment a heart breaks… Why?
Knowing the answer seems so important at the time. One day we may discover the answer, other times we don’t. At the breaking point when we are asking Why? We begin a whole new journey whether we were ready to or not.
If you are ever going to find happiness and true love you have to risk having your heart broken, maybe more than once but, it may just be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You learn what you are truly capable of overcoming at such times.
Some people perceive a broken heart as a sign of a weakness but, the very same place it breaks becomes the strongest point when it heals...and it will heal.
The more heartbreaks the more strength and wisdom is gained and eventually…

the question of Why? ceases to matter anymore,