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Venetian Tarot


Ultra limited, independently published by the artist, edition of 1000 decks. 
The wonderful world of Carnival in Renaissance Venice has never been illustrated and been the subject of Tarot cards. This is the first deck drawn by hand and inspired by ancient Venetian masks and costumes. In the Venetian Tarot, the miracle plays of the Carnival become intertwined with the world of Tarot. It is aimed at revealing what is hidden from us to let us know what is behind the world of masks around us.

The deck has been created following Rider Waite traditions. Iconographic materials of the life in Venice in 16th-18th centuries were used when working at the Venetian Tarot. Eclecticism is a response to the today’s realities and the possibility of getting closer to that epoch. The main idea involves famous Venetian masks worn by all the arcanum characters in the deck. This allows appreciation of the epoch, and provides freedom for imagination, promoting multilayer perception.

The deck has a conventional structure of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana classification by suits is also traditional and is represented by Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

Discover the magic world of the Venetian Tarot where anything is possible!

78 cards deck gold gilded in the gold foiled luxury box with booklet for Tarot Card reading accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by author. 

The cards are 70mm x 120mm