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The Sacred Self Care Oracle


Treat Yourself Like a Goddess

Connect with your intuition and deepen your self-care practice with The Sacred Self-Care Oracle. This whimsically illustrated deck will help you create rituals to nourish you on the deepest levels your soul is calling for, inviting you to ask: What do I need to feel centered and balanced today? How can I connect with my body's intuition? If I only have a short time for me this week, how should I spend it?

Whether you find meaning in the cards alone or consult the in-depth guidebook for mantras, journal prompts, and additional guidance, this powerful healing tool for the modern spiritual seeker gives you permission to put self-care at the top of your to-do list.

How to Use the Cards

You can pull one card for guidance on what to focus on today, pull three or more cards to create a deeper self-care ritual, or ask a question and pull a card to receive suggestions for the type of self-care that will lead you in the direction of what you are seeking.