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The Naked Heart Tarot


By Gillian C Wilde

The Naked Heart Tarot is created for the Mystics, Magic Makers, Beginners and Pros. 

This is an intuitive tarot deck that allows your energy to come bursting through. With magical images divinely channeled, and inspired by Rider-Waite-Smith. It will ignite your imagination and allow your intuition to flow. 

The Naked Heart Tarot holds very chatty energy allowing you to tap into your own voice, spirit guides, animal spirits/familiars, so you can connect deeply with your Higher Self and presence. 

It is an intuitive tool, set with the intention of providing healing energy, clarity, guidance, and truth. Each card provides insight into The Naked Heart where ego is extinguished and purity of light flows within you. 


Each deck (3rd Edition) includes:

    • 79 smooth satin matte finished cards - including the Major Arcana with an additional secret card, and Minor Arcana: Wands (fire), Cups (water), Swords (air), Pentacles (earth)
    • 4.75" x 2.75" inch cards with borderless graphics.
    • An array of colourfully hand-drawn images
    • Sturdy two-piece box with ribbon included. Designed to lift booklet from cards.
    • 350 GSM card stock (sturdy and flexible) with a satin matte finish for a smoooooth and easy shuffle (Cards need to be broken in with a few good shuffles. Great for smaller hands)
    • Functional Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid on the back of the cards (instructions included in 156 page guidebook)
    • Independently created, produced and published.
  • A 156 page guidebook with all card images (in black and white). Includes instructions on how to learn/use the Tarot. Instructions on how to work with the back of the deck, understanding the suits, understanding the corresponding elements of each suit, the court cards, and 6 tarot spreads with guidance. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TO LEARN AND DO TAROT. 

This deck is self-published by an independent artist.