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Tarot of Saqqara


This deck is a true collector's item. Based on the amazingly detailed paintings of the late great Professor Donald Beaman, the Tarot of Saqqara has lifetimes of information embedded in each card with impressive intuitive symbology. This deck was over twenty years in the making and almost slipped unnoticed into a New England attic. This is a limited art project revival, there is no telling when there will be another printing after this one.

Deck: 82 brilliantly coloured on thick 350 gsm card stock. Includes 78 traditional tarot cards and 4 unique initiate cards. The backs of the cards have a geometrical design that cannot be discerned up from down.

Booklet: 96-page LWB (little white book) instructional booklet describing all 82 cards of the deck as well as the Atu Layout.

The Artist - Donald Beaman:
Using his skills as a professor of theatrical design at Boston University and from his study of sacred geometry, Mr. Beaman began to create images of the early systems of spiritual divination and transformation. His original paintings are composed on 36” x 52” wooden art board using acrylic, silver and gold leaf paints. The final work is an elaborate collection of images derived from the architecture and knowledge of the earliest societies. They comprise not only an Egyptian influence but also that of the Kabbalah, Roman, and Celtic traditions. These paintings would eventually form an 82-card tarot deck entitled “The Tarot of Saqqara”.