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Sugilite Triangle Pendant


Sugilite triangle shaped pendant, bezel set in Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately.

Full of vibrant purple, grey and black swirls, this is a rare stone. The flashes of purple against the inky black sky of this stones matrix, is a snapshot of the cosmos above, and your piece of the universe to remind you that we're all connected.

Chains available here

Sugilite Healing Properties

Sugilite is a rare mineral found in Japan, Canada, and South Africa.

Sugilite calls you to your true spiritual purpose and passion in life. It unlocks a sense of wonder at the myriad of possibilities the Universe gives us in our lives. It generates hope and optimism towards the future. If you feel overwhelmed and helpless at the negativity in the world, Sugilite can help you access a more positive outlook, and the courage to follow your dreams. 


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