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Something That Matters


"Something that Matters" by Reverence

Mixed media with Pyrite crystal on canvas

Measures 750mm x 500mm

"Something That Matters" by Reverence.

I was never really good at being a victim. I admit I've tried at times but failed. Sure I probably have enough reasons to be one, perhaps more than most, but I am defiant and simply refused to ever totally buckle to letting people or circumstances that have caused me pain to define me in a negative way. Maybe the sparkle I've always managed to hold onto in my heart (represented in this painting by the crystal pyrite) is a competitive streak or willpower, because after all if I become the victim then the bastards win, they broke me.. So instead I took everything I've ever had to face and in turn, overcome and rolled it up into a ball of intention, I've used it to do something that matters.. and in the end I win xxx