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Selenite Castles


A beaming crystal castle formed by millions of delicate gypsum threads, bound together to form a strong tower of cleansing light. Keep this angels torch in any open space to filter it of negative energies, to ensure a tranquil atmosphere, and as a cleansing tool for other stones. It will bring forth a lighter energy to help you open the door to higher spiritual connections creating a purified, brighter vibrational space.

Due to natural variations in the crystal, appearance may differ slightly from the images, each castle will be intuitively picked for you unless stated otherwise.

Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a powerful energy cleanser, helping remove blockages and allowing higher spiritual energies to flow throughout your being. A soft stone in crystalline structure as its a form of gypsum crystal; Its namesake comes from the Greek Goddess of the moon 'Selene' due to its ethereal iridescent white glow. Tip this stone towards the light, and its ribbons shimmer just like the radiance of a midnight moon beam.


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