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Sacred Geometry Healing Cards


The Sacred Geometry Healing Cards are a synergy of sacred geometry, animal, plant, frequency and vibration, put together in such a way as to help prepare and strengthen you for your transition to the next level of personal healing and awakening. Sacred geometry is the light language of our universe and the building blocks of all creation. It is within us and as we start to comprehend the meaning, we can bring our knowledge and understanding of it into our everyday life to enhance our healing and ascension processes. We hold the key to all ancient civilisations and the universal blueprint deep within our cellular structure.

As more people start to awaken their spiritual selves and their intuition, the answers we are looking for and our deep inner knowing starts to be stimulated. The more we delve into our thoughts, feelings and awareness, we start to awaken more of our cells and ultimately the DNA which lays dormant within our bodies.

About Emily Kisvarda: Through the devastation and grief of death and loss, while raising four children as a single parent, Emily found solace through her healing and crystal work through ‘Phoenix Gateway’. Emily is an integrated healer who is passionate about extending her services to children and adults alike in times of turmoil, grief and hardships. She develops powerful healing grids and vibrational essences incorporating many aspects of the natural world to ultimately create the highest vibrational harmonics to work on all levels of healing. By delving into the alchemy of crystals, sound, vibration and frequency, Emily has discovered the essence of the universal building blocks otherwise known as ‘Sacred Geometry’, and has taken her work to the next level by creating divine Sacred Geometry Healing Cards intended to raise awareness and help others on their journey of self-discovery and learning.