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Ruby Fuchsite with Kyanite Palm Stone


Ruby Fuchsite helps you discover your courage and passion, while calming your mind and nourishing your heart. It is a great stone for general well-being, working on physical, mental, and emotional levels to heal and strengthen. It helps you leave behind emotional ties that are long in the past and bitterness about relationships that did not work out how you hoped. In this way, Ruby Fuchsite helps you find confidence and move on, opening the heart to new love.

Kyanite carries the energy of connection, acting as an energetic bridge and bringing contrasting aspects of life into resonance. So it is incredibly helpful in situations of negotiation between people when conflict is a likelihood. Kyanite also aids in bringing together all your experience, passions, and skills to find your unique gift to offer the world. On a spiritual level, Kyanite activates psychic awareness and helps us create new energetic pathways to shift perception away from habitual thought and emotion patterns.