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Remove Psychic Debris & Heal


Have you ever felt emotionally and/or physically drained every time you have contact with a specific person? If so, you may have a Negative Psychic Cord attachment. Negative Psychic Cords are invisible cords connected over time and space between two individuals’ Chakras. This unhealthy connection causes an emotional and energy drain creating Psychic Debris. Psychic Debris is unexplained phobias, anger, fears, grief, anxiety, stress, and negative emotions that can create puzzling physical and health problems in your life. You do not have to be a Reiki Healer-to perform a Psychic Cord Session, anyone can learn how! Included in the DVD: Complete step-by-step guidelines and instructions on how to guide yourself or another person through a Psychic Cord session, with or without Reiki. You will also learn: How Psychic Cords are created; What are Positive Psychic cords?; How to prevent Negative Psychic Cords; How to find out if you have a Negative Psychic Cord; Chakra protection; If you are Visual or Non-Visual. Plus Bonus Reiki Psychic Attunement Music.