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Copper Rutile Quartz Crystal Ball 7cm


Stunning rare Copper Rutilated Quartz Crystal Ball. Diameter is approximately 7cm. Weight 1305 grams. The qualities of Rutilated Quartz make it perfect for Crystal Ball Readings. Tiny chip as per photograph. Stand sold separately. 

Crystal Ball Stands available here

Rutilated Quartz Healing Properties

Rutilated Quartz increases your ability to access higher planes of knowledge, spiritual awareness, and your own higher mind. Illuminating, inspiring, joyous, and enlightening, Rutilated Quartz enhances all creative and psychic endeavours. It also helps you focus and do all the steps necessary to achieve your goals. 

A note from Elicia - "I waited about 8 months to get this piece!! It is so rare to get a Copper Rutile Clear Quartz Sphere with rainbow inclusions, & enough clarity to see individual needles. 


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