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Nuummite Large Oval Pendant


Large polished oval Nuummite Pendant, bezel set in Sterling Silver. Chains sold separately.

Electric blue glitter flecks on a inky black night sky. This gem will show you that no matter what, there is light and hope still present, even in the darkest of times. Keep this gem close on days and nights when the spirit feels heavy, and be reassured that healing is always attainable. Just breathe, persist and keep your eye on the twinkle of possibility. 

Chains available here

Nuummite Healing Properties

Nuummite encourages you to lovingly face your whole, true self and shadow in order to bring the light of truth into every aspect of your life and self. It is especially helpful in attaining meditative and trance states, psychic experiences, and inner healing journeys. It is powerful for shamanic journeys and recovering lost aspects of yourself that may be repressed due to trauma. If you have had negative experiences with abuse of power on the giving or receiving end, Nuummite can help you come into a healthy relationship with your own power and that of others.


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