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Mystical Aromatherapy - The Divine Gift of Fragrance


Mystical Aromatherapy provides mystical insights into fragrance:

- Spiritual explorations of the inner secrets of fragrance and the sense of smell.

- Unlock the Biblical mysteries of fragrance from the Garden of Eden and the ancient Judaic tradition.

- Learn about the Holy Temple Incense that induced Prophecy and the Anointing Oil of the Jewish Kings and High Priests.

- Imminent recovery of the true Ark of the Covenant by the real-life Indiana Jones.

The book also provides practical applications of aromatherapy:

- Valuable tips on the most effective and enjoyable use of aromatic medicine.

- Detailed guidelines for using the sense of smell to choose the correct Aromatherapy oils and formulations.

- Essential Oil formulation secrets for Massage, Bath, Inhalation and Perfume.

- Aromatics as a Divine gift of healing and a sacred invitation to return to Paradise.

Avraham Sand is a professional aromatherapist and natural perfumer who has flourished as a New Age product designer and worldwide fragrance explorer over the past forty years. Personally trained by Patricia Davis at the London School of Aromatherapy, Sand has developed and marketed hundreds of high quality organic essential oil body-care products as the founder of Tiferet and Avraham Aromatherapy. ENDORSEMENTS: 'In 'Mystical Aromatherapy' Avraham Sand manages to approach Aromatherapy through Talmudic eyes. Navigating through the complexity of this subject, the reader is guided to an understanding of the Divine nature of the sense of smell, and the esoteric nature of Aromatherapy as it relates to the human condition. He blends his intimate knowledge of the sacred texts of Judaism with many years as a practitioner of the art of Aromatherapy to bring us this enlightening text.' - Robert Seidel, President, The Essentail Oil Company 'Rarely have I come across a book as profound and enlightening as 'Mystical Aromatherapy' by Avraham Sand. It is grounded with a plethora of Kabbalistic, Midrashic and Biblical texts and legends, yet is inherently fluid and light. It is healing and insightful on a deep soul level, recognizing the subconscious mind's profound connection to universal truths. If you could only read one book on the Torah to fill a perceived gap in one's learning I would hands down recommend 'Mystical Aromatherapy' by Avraham Sand, as perhaps one of the most creative and insightful approaches to holistically transmitting the deepest truths of the Torah's supernal wisdom handed down through the ages. Everyone should read this book!' - Rabbi Baruch Binyamin Hakohen Melman 'I have known the author for a quarter of a century and ten years. A more intrepid, courageous traveler in search of his essential oils, I have not met. A more passionate, dedicated pursuing his craft, one could not find. I am honored to have been asked to contribute my illustrations to such a brilliant book.' - Yitzhak Ben Yehuda