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Manifestation Quartz, Amethyst & Tourmalated Quartz pendants


Stunning one of a kind Pendant with a triangle faceted rare Manifestation Quartz, a faceted rectangle Amethyst gemstone, and a faceted pointed oval Tourmalated Quartz crystal all set in Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately.

Chains available here

Manifestation Quartz is the name given for a rare type of crystal that contains a smaller Quartz crystal within it. 

Also known as 'baby within' crystals, Manifestation Quartz is best used for when you want to manifest a new reality. Especially helpful for meditation and aligning your heart and mind, Manifestation Quartz is a rare gift from nature that shows you your innate power to make things happen when you come from a place of pure intention and focus.

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family and has been used by humans for spiritual purposes for 25,000 years. 

Amethyst encourages spiritual expansion. It stimulates the higher mind and brain function, and It helps you enter altered states for such meditation and awakening psychic gifts. Amethyst connects you to your intuition and the root causes of behaviour patterns, especially addictions. 


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