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Libyan Gold Tektite Pendant


Rough triangle shaped Libyan Gold Tektite pendant set in Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately.

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Libyan Gold is a meteorite Tektite found in the Sahara Desert in Egypt and Libya. They were used by the ancient Egyptian culture for carvings, jewellery, and amulets. 

Libyan Gold Tektite Healing Properties

Libyan Gold Tektite is excellent if you struggle maintaining and stating boundaries because it helps balance your energy in social relations with others. If you struggle with shyness and social anxiety, it can enhance your confidence so you can express yourself in an authentic way. On a physical level, Libyan Gold Tektite boosts the fire element, which helps you to digest, metabolise and balance slow hormones. Emotionally, Libyan Gold Tektite increases feelings of joy, happiness, and creativity.


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