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Trilobite Fossil & Killiecrankie Diamond by Lauren Harris


"A Treasure who’s stories and meanings are yet to be told. A piece like many of my
works which I feel a powerful connection to. There is some very strong symbolism in
this piece! When this pendant chooses its owner its story will evolve and eventually
be revealed. But until then the meaning remains hidden within for and for its
viewers to decide.

The inspiration of this pendant is an unearthed treasure, once lost and buried
over hundreds of years. The power it beholds is to be passed to the wearer.
Powerful and symbolic. The wonders of what it could have meant to its creator are
to be left to the imagination and for its stories to evolve and be revealed over
time. For its history to be dreamt about.

The stories go deep within this piece. The fossil, the precious metals Gold And Silver as well as the Topaz have been around below the earths surface for millions of years." - Lauren Harris

Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold Ball and repousse & chased 18ct/Silver Bi Metal
Crescent. Tool marked, beaten & antiqued. Trilobite Fossil ‘Elrathia Kingi’ Cambrian found at House Range, Millard County, Utah USA Teardrop Shape Killiecrankie Diamond/Topaz from Flinders Island Tasmania. Stamped with Makers Mark, Metal Purity, Kangaroo Head Stamp- the symbol of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and date stamp. This pendant will come with an Empress & Wolf gift box.


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