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Dioptase Raw Pendant and Turquoise Bead Necklace by Jayen Perkal


A unique hand crafted piece by NSW jeweller Jayen Perkal. Featuring a large central raw Dioptase in Quartz crystal, bezel set in brushed Sterling Silver setting. Pendant measures approximately: Length 5cm x Width 2.2cm X Height 2cm) (Cannot be removed from necklace).

The beaded necklace is made of beautiful freeform polished Turquoise stones of differing shapes, sizes and colours and measures approximately 44 cm in total length.

The toggle clasp is made of Sterling Silver.

A truly awe inspiring one of kind piece of jewellery.

Dioptase Healing Properties

If you are struggling with your relationships due to thoughts, emotions and behaviours from past familial wounding, Dioptase is a powerful ally for healing and releasing attachments around the heart. Dioptase encourages you to embrace the lessons and release the emotions of past trauma with people you have loved. It is also helpful for learning to be truly yourself rather than playing a role you learned in childhood, while also encouraging you to accept others for who they truly are and not expect them to conform to roles your wounding thinks you want them to play. One of the most powerful emotional healing crystals, Dioptase can help you through major relational transitions like heartbreak, death, divorce, and separations.

Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise helps you to see everything in life is an expression of the divine. This allows you to accept yourself holistically, rather than disowning aspects you don't like. Embracing all aspects of creation fosters a true sense of wholeness. Turquoise helps you to forgive yourself and release regrets, understanding that any experience can help us grow and learn. 



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