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Janusz Szkutnik Titanium, 24ct Gold & Sterling Silver Hand-Etched Large Scalloped Edged Lily Earrings


Large size lily drop earrings with scalloped petal edges.

These hand-etched earrings are a unique design, handcrafted by Janusz Szkutnik. Available in Titanium & 24ct Gold Nano plated or Titanium and Sterling Silver.

*Please Note: To clean titanium please soak item in a mild soap solution, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft towel. Do not scrub item, rub with a cleaning cloth or use other metal cleaning solutions.

Metal Properties 

Titanium - Gives strength.

Gold - Provides protection and connection to the heart.

Silver - Enhances your connection to the moon and your emotions.


Free postage Australia wide for orders over $100. Jewellery is lovingly gift wrapped.