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Red to the end


By Reverence mixed media on canvas. 300mm x 300mm

“Red To The End”

When we arrive in to this life we are vulnerable, our heart’s only protection is a thin pink veil over a ribcage. We are just a little soul wrapped in skin and bones.

As life brings us disappointments, reason to distrust and hurt we place on more and more invisible layers of armour to protect our hearts with.

WHAT IF.. each layer of invisible armour took away a colour from the spectrum..?? Most of us would only be seeing in black and white with a clear fear of vulnerability.

BUT.. some of us want life in full glorious colour and are willing to overcome fear, disappointment, distrust and hurt and face up to being vulnerable.

Once again I will be a little soul wrapped in skin and bone and when all the invisible armour is gone I’ll wonder why I was so afraid of being vulnerable and see in full colour.

So for the monochromatic folk looking at this painting and words..the heart is RED! But then again you probably won’t know that because you haven’t “Red This To The End” anyway.