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Hemimorphite Oval Ring


Large elongated oval polished Hemimorphite cabochon, bezel set in a Sterling Silver ring band. Size 7.5/P

A stone of spiritual growth, its azure blue colour will calm your soul in unsettling environments, enhance your communication abilities, and increase joy by improving uncontrolled emotional states. Like a cool splash of water in the heat of the desert, let this stone cleanse negative energies away, to allow the flooding of light and spiritual ascension to enter your auric field. 

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Hemimorphite Healing Properties

Hemimorphite encourages growth and healing on a relational level, facilitating clear and honest communication, and harmonious relating. It enhances empathy and the understanding of the other's point of view in dysfunctional relationships. On a spiritual level. Hemimorphite enhances psychic and channeling abilities.


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