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Gem Silica Teardrop Pendant


Elegant teardrop shaped rare Gem Silica crystal set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chain sold separately. 

Chains available here

Gem Silica is a rare combination of Chrysocolla and Quartz. It is highly prized and hard to find.

Gem Silica is one of the most powerful crystals for healing issues around communication and expression of your truth. It enhances the energetic power of your voice so that speeches, poems, songs, presentations, affirmations, spells, mantras, prayers have a more powerful effect on the audience. It cuts away what doesn't need to be said so that your spoken message is clear and strong. It is especially helpful for increasing the effectiveness of your affirmations. It also helps you to receive truth being communicated by those wiser than yourself, whether in the physical or spiritual realm, so that you can fully integrate wisdom shared with you, and live your life aligned with truth and consciousness.