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Garnet in Quartz Pendant by Lauren Harris


"This pendant is now on the list of my personal favourite works! I have owned this stone for over a decade and it has sat looking at me on my workbench for years at a time. I have had all sorts of fancy ideas for it and then I finally realised I wanted it set purely in silver and I especially love making this style of pendant so that was it!
This stone mesmerises me and I am sad to see it off on its next journey but I feel it is meant to belong to someone new now and I am sure it will give them the pleasure it has given me! Garnet in Quartz is a very powerful combination! Just ask Elicia."

Full Hallmarks on the bail. Chain sold separately. 

This pendant will come with an Empress & Wolf gift box.

Chains available here

Garnet Healing Properties

Garnet has been treasured and used in jewellery by humans for at least 4000 years. Garnet encourages the receiving of love, prosperity and pleasure in all its forms by increasing feelings of self-worth. It aids you in feeling happy, valuable, and able to see your way forward in a situation. Garnet opens you up to sharing your love, compassion, and gifts with those around you, and encourages self-love. 

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Clear Quartz is a colourless, prismatic crystal that is found all over the world. Called 'the perfect jewel' by the Japanese, Clear Quartz enhances mental, spiritual, and emotional clarity, encouraging a more enlightened state of being. Its clarity enhancing properties can help clear confusion, strengthen your purpose, aid memory, and increase psychic abilities. 


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