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By Reverence mixed media on canvas 450mm x 450mm


Have you ever noticed how lights glimmer when you look at them through a tear?

In my deepest despair I could always find that glimmer of hope.

There is a million clichés about when life sucks and how it will get better, I hated them all. People tend to say them at the toughest of times too, like as if the cliché will solve everything. I would always think to myself stop trying to cheer me up because after all I have my friend the glimmer.

Oh and for godsake those people who would say they knew it was forever the second they met, while I was flapping about in relationships I knew weren’t right. I just wanted to slap their arrogant simplistic faces!!!

But…The glimmer always thought, maybe it happens, maybe even to me. The glimmer stayed with me for a long, long time.

Me and my glimmer of hope walked through a door one afternoon and I saw her. In a split second I finally kissed my glimmer goodbye. I thanked it for all it had done for me but I didn’t need it anymore.

I hate to admit it people but the clichés are true!!!!

Forever can come in a second, I know this to be true because it just happened to me…..