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Enigma Divination Deck


by Daniel Martin Diaz

A Mysterious Game of Chance, and Divination

Enigma is a mysterious game of chance and divination. It is similar to Bingo or the Mexican game Loteria. Each player receives one of the eight gameboards. An announcer starts the game by drawing a card from the deck and calling it out, such as “33 Telepathy”. If a player has that card on their gameboard, they mark it with a chip (a bean or coin). The first player to fill their gameboard in one of the patterns below shouts “Enigma!” to win the game and receives a prize.

The Enigma deck can also be used for divination. The word “Divination” is derived from the Latin “Divinare” which translates as “to foresee, to be inspired by the unknown.” It is the practice of discovering knowledge about the future, or understanding current relationships and circumstances. The diviner interprets signs or messages received during the process of prophecy, such as reading an Enigma card, a sign perceived in a dream or a magical meaning derived from a supernatural device. The Enigma cards can be used to foretell, seek lost knowledge, or to request guidance and information about a personal experience.