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Empress & Wolf Sterling Silver & Obsidian Pendant


Designed By Elicia Ward

The Empress & Wolf Black Obsidian pendant set in Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately.

Chains available here

MOON - Representing our deepest personal needs & our unconscious

WOMAN - The Empress, the divine love of the universe & enlightened action powered by deep understanding in all realms. She is the incarnation of all emotions & unity

DIRECTIONS - The Empress facing North-East. North representing infinite possibility, no time & wisdom. East representing communication, new beginning & the spirit

WOLF - Representing the ‘Pathfinder’, a guide to help us find our way & inner callings. With sharp intelligence the wolf reminds us to be loyal to ourselves & trust our instincts & intuition

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Black Obsidian helps you to have insight into where in your life you are fostering negativity. It helps you release these unhelpful patterns from your mind and aura, while increasing the strength of your own energy field. For this reason it is especially helpful for those who are empathically, mentally, emotionally and psychically sensitive. Black Obsidian is a perfect companion for Shadow Work and understanding the aspects of ourselves that we try to hide and struggle to accept. 


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