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Crystal Pack for Peace Healing & Calm


Elicia created this crystal pack to inspire rejuvenation to the heart, peace to the mind by cutting away what no longer serves bringing forth a new perspective in challenging times. This pack strengthens the immune system while infusing calm to the auric field. This is a time to step up to the feminine powers for receptivity & expanding ourselves to accept a new perspective on so called 'negative' experiences. And ultimately self love & care strengthen the immune system and adds power to healing the heart from any past traumas. 

These are the exact crystals you will receive when choosing this pack. 

Total Pack Cost is $260- less 10% for buying the complete Pack.

Crystal Pack Contains : 

Angel Aura - $129-

Natural Baltic Amber - $38-

Dioptase $48-

Chrysocolla $10-

Lepidolite $6-

Jet $5-

Rose Quartz Heart $24-