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Black Spinel & Garnet Drop Earrings


Striking faceted oval shaped Black Spinel & teardrop shaped Garnet gemstones set in Sterling Silver Drop Earrings.

Spinel helps you relax and revitalise your nervous system. It is especially helpful if you are struggling with attachment and being unable to let go, surrender and experience peace. In slowing down the nervous system, Spinel allows you to stop and smell the roses, appreciating each moment for what it is and allowing the beauty of existence to fill your heart. 

Garnet has been treasured and used in jewellery by humans for at least 4000 years.

Garnet encourages the receiving of love, prosperity and pleasure in all its forms by increasing feelings of self-worth. It aids you in feeling happy, valuable, and able to see your way forward in a situation. Garnet opens you up to sharing your love, compassion, and gifts with those around you, and encourages self-love. 


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