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Baltic Amber & Jet Bead Necklace

$775.00 $1,025.00

Certified natural Baltic Amber and Jet beaded necklace with Stainless Steel wire and Sterling Silver Italian Clasps on which you can attach a pendant. Necklace measures 60cm long. This necklace will come with an Empress & Wolf gift box.

Amber Healing Properties

Amber is an ancient fossilised tree resin, and amber from the Baltic Region is estimated to be between 35-65 million years old.  

Amber is a powerful cleanser, purifying on energetic, emotional and physical levels. It aids in transforming stagnant thoughts and family patterns into higher ways of thinking, being and acting in the world. It can help you find your purpose and inner strength, while boosting physical vitality and energy levels. 

Jet Healing Properties

Jet has been used by the Ancient British, Roman and Pre-Columbian North & South American cultures for Jewellery for at least 3500 years.

Jet purifies and cleanses the energetic field of the body, while grounding it at the same time. Jet helps you to see what beliefs and behaviours you need to transcend so that you can live life in a more light, integrated, and joyful way, while you release attachments and embrace the lesson rather than the emotions of experiences. Through this cleansing process, Jet connects you to your untapped potential and power, increasing your powers of manifestation.


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