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Azurite Malachite Triangle Pendant


Triangle shaped polished Azurite and Malachite cabochon set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chains sold separately.

Chains available here

Swirls of vibrant green against a moody Van Gogh blue sky, the combination of these stones is like the strokes of a painters brush. Due to its natural formation, each stone is completely unique making this a beautiful one of a kind piece to adorn your neck.

Azurite Malachite Healing Properties

Azurite stimulates psychic powers and connection to the divine. It aids with inner insight and vision. A powerful ally for the spiritual ally, it helps you see the truth, while standing in your own truth. 

Malachite strengthens your ability to take action in the world and drives you to create and manifest your dreams. It carries the frequency of Enlightened Leadership. Malachite helps to burn through the fog of emotional confusion and helps overcome fears around self-expression. This stone can assist you to identity the steps you need to take to bring your dreams, wishes and visions into physical reality.


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